Note! All prices on this web site do not include GST, this is be added with freight, in the final calculation.

When the goods are delivered to the premises of the purchaser, or an agent of the purchaser, they will be deemed to have been delivered. Any transport nominated by the Purchaser shall be deemed to be the Purchaser’s agent. No claim for loss or damage during transport or any other claims for short delivery will be recognised unless a claim is made in writing within seven (7) days following delivery.

Safco Australia shall not be liable in any way for any direct or consequential loss arising from late delivery or failure to deliver goods on time.

The purchaser shall pay the price indicated on the final invoice, order form, delivery docket or other similar document issued by Safco Australia and Goods and Services Tax plus freight (where applicable) will be added where appropriate. No claims for change of price will be recognised unless made within fourteen (14) days of the date of invoice.

No claims for defective supply will be recognised unless advised to the company within fourteen (14) days of the receipt of the goods. Under no circumstances are goods to be returned to the company for credit without prior approval.

No goods are to be returned without prior approval.
Product for return must be in its original condition, including packaging and no claims will be considered fourteeen (14) days after the date of notice.

The risk in goods supplied by the Seller to the Buyer, shall pass to the Buyer, upon delivery, but ownership in them shall not pass to the buyer, until the Buyer has discharged all outstanding indebtedness to the Seller whatsoever.

Until payment in full of such indebtedness has been made, the buyer acknowledges and agrees that:
a. The goods supplied are held by the buyer as bailee to be sold by it as agent for and on behalf of the Seller.
b. The Buyer shall, if directed by the Seller, store the goods supplied in such a way that it is clear that they are the property of the Seller.
c. The Buyer hereby irrevocably gives the Seller, its agents or servants, leave and licence without giving notice to enter on and into any premises occupied by the Buyer to search for and remove any of the goods supplied to or in which the Seller has ownership as aforesaid without in any way being liable to the Buyer or any person or company claiming through the buyer. If the goods or any of them are wholly or partially attached to or incorporated in any other goods, the seller may, where practicable, disconnect or sever in any way whatsoever as may be necessary to remove the goods.
d. If the goods have been resold by the Buyer prior to payment in full of the outstanding indebtedness of the Buyer, then the proceeds of such resale shall be the property of the seller but for an amount no more than such indebtedness.

Provided a Credit Application form has been completed by the Buyer and approved by Safco Australia Limited, payment is required seven (7) days following purchase.

Where credit has not been approved payment is to be made before goods will be supplied.

In the event of the Buyer being in arrears in payment terms, or becoming bankrupt, insolvent, being placed in receivership or liquidation or making an arrangement with creditors, then credit terms are automatically withdrawn and all amounts owing become due for payment immediately.